Thursday, March 22, 2007

Going IN.

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Tomorrow Kristine and I are departing from Little Rock, Arkansas to go visit family in various parts of Indiana. The trip is anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, and will probably take even longer with a newborn. However, not taking this trip would mean not getting to go up again until close to Christmas. This coming week is my Spring break, as well as break from the elementary school I work at. Also, Kristine is still on maternity leave. Once she goes back to work, she'll have to rebuild her payed time off before we can take another trip, not to mention Niah will travel easier now than when she's older, probably sleeping most of the way. Now is the only real opportunity to go.

Our motivation for going is simple: to show off the newest member of our family. Timothy, my brother, has yet to see his adorable niece in person. Amanda and Andy (my sister and brother-in-law and by choice) are going to be leaving for England, and we'd like to see them before they head out of country. Kristine's grandparents also have yet to see there great granddaughter. The people at Landmark Baptist Church and Hebron Baptist Church are anticipating seeing us (moreso Niah I think). Then there's our closest friends. People from around the area, including Kristine's best friend Erin Allen and her family (and our friends) Josh and Cammryne.
Sure, there are other things we're looking forward to; the flatlands draped in cornfields, the churches previously mention, Steak 'n' Shake, and always Penn Station. Family and friends trump them all, though.

I'm looking forward to this trip. I can't wait to see everyone. It'll be yet another adventure in the book of my life. For the next chapter, you'll have to stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New blogs.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


29-17. That was the final score of Superbowl XLI (41) featuring the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. A battle of the midwest. The NFL's most prominent defense facing off against the Leagues most proficient offense. In the end, the Colts' run it/gun it combo prevailed. Here's how things started...

The Bears received the opening kickoff and wasted no time in scoring. Devin Hester, the Bears kick return specialist and the NFL's most feared returner executed the position of his blockers and the use of his field position magnificently. Touchdown Bears.
Following the touchdown came the short-lived Colts' possession. After 3 plays, Manning threw his first and only interception of the game. Bears ball.

It was back and forth from there, with the Colts scoring a 53 yard touchdown from Manning to Wayne (though the point after was fumbled and no good), a Bears' touchdown from Grossman to Muhammad, a Vinnetieri field goal for the Colts, and a touchdown from Indy's Rhodes. Despite the scoring runs, it was a sloppy first half, including four turnovers for the half, and six total fumbles by the end of the game.

With the exception of a field goal by the Bears, the second half was all Colts. Grossman couldn't seem to hold onto the ball, and when he did, it ended up in Colts' hands. The Colts marched down the field throughout the half, keeping the Bears from even getting their paws on the ball. Manning hit Harrison for a beautiful pass and catch as Harrison drug his feet to stay in bounds. The Colts settled for two field goals and squibbed the ball down the field, ready for another Chicago drive. The defense stepped up as rookie Kelvin Hayden picked off a pass near the sideline for the first interception of his career. He celebrated it by running it back for a touchdown. The game was over. The Bears attempted one last push down the field just to be disappointed by yet another interception, this time by Bob Sanders. The Colts held the ball for the remainder of the game for the win.
As is tradition, the winning coach, Tony Dungy, was soaked with ice and Gatorade. At the end of the game coach Dungy thanked God for the opportunity he was given and for his great achievement. The rest of the post game was filled with Indianapolis celebration and the embrace of a coach and his MVP.
Congratulations, Indianapolis Colts, 2007 Superbowl Champions!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The New JKWoodring

A new website is in the works: The New JKWoodring at Check it out at your convenience and get familiar with it. If I can figure out how to transfer the archives from blogger to the new site, I will most likely stop using blogger and almost exclusively use the website. Enjoy, and for more news and updates check out the New JKWoodring.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Loss of site.

Something horrible is going to happen this year. will cease to exist. Come early June, the website will have been in existance for one year, which happens to be the lifespan of free use of the domain. Instead of renewing it, the website will simply have to expire. I've enjoyed having the website. It has its benefits. I can post a lot of pictures, create links, and do multiple other things that I probably haven't thought of. However, I rarely update it and have limited experience with html (thus the rather dull layout). So, since I won't be losing much by not renewing it, I've chosen to simply let it run its course. I'm only a little sad about this. I've enjoyed tinkering with it and learning a little bit more about running a website. At the same time, I'm relieved that I won't have to worry about keeping it updated or giving it a fresh new look every so often.

This does not effect my blog, though. I will continue to post on blogger, and it will still be accessable by searching in blogger or simply going to The downside is that Kristine and I will no longer have our joint email account ( That isn't too big of a deal since few people ever emailed us at that address.

In other news, the new DavidStoryOnline has arrived, having started today. The death of one site, the (re)birth of another. I encourage all to check it out. Those who do will come across some frawesome and exciting news. Until next time, stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Luke 6:21

I've not really got anything to blog about, but I did notice something on my blog that I want to address. The title of my blog page, as many of you may know, is "Looking for a Laugh". This is not so much a statement as it is a direct question. If you are "looking for a laugh", your in luck; the answer lies in the verse seen below the title.

Luke 6:20-26 contains Luke's account of the beatitudes. It states in the second part of verse 21, "Blessed are you who weep now, For you shall laugh." (NKJV) This statement refers to Christ's disciples, telling us that though we weep now in the bitterness of the world, we will laugh. In other words, there will be no reason to weep. Christ promises peace and goodness for His children, and it is vital that we remember that. If we forget that God has promised us laughter instead of weeping and blessings instead of persecution, then we start to also forget His love and grace. When that happens, misery prevails and doubt has gained its advantage. As Christians, we have reason to live joyfully in spite of the tragedies of this world. Sure, there are reasons to cry and no one wants to be persecuted, especially for living right. But we cannot forget the love and grace of God. It is far greater than anything the world could ever offer. That gives us all the reason we need to rejoice! You know that feeling you get when you laugh so hard your crying and your sides ache, but you don't care? You feel great despite the pain. In the same way, the troubles of this world cause us pain, but we rejoice through that pain because of God's grace. Laughter is good for us. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's good to laugh. If your day isn't going well, or maybe something tragic has happened, just look to Jesus. He's given you a reason to laugh.

Now, I know this next part has little (if anything) to do with this post, but it's one of my more ridiculous reasons to rejoice: The colts are going to the Superbowl!
Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby news.

The news on Hana Niah is nothing really new at all. Kristine had her most recent appointment yesterday and found out that Niah is healthy and measuring a little ahead of schedule. I'm still hoping she arrives on her due date (though I also know the unlikelihood of that happening). Kristine's back has still been giving her problems due to the extreme change in the weather, and probably also due to growing a baby.

In other news, we've tried to keep things updated, i.e. our MySpace pages and the website. There have been pictures added to both MySpace pages and the website, and for those who may not have seen the site since the Christmas season, it's had a makeover. Also, is going through a change of it's own, so I encourage everyone to check it out come January 25th.

That's all I have for now. If I've disappointed anyone by not having one of my usual long posts, don't fret. I'm sure I'll have another one soon. We'll all just have to wait and see, so I suggest that you stay tuned.