Tuesday, February 06, 2007


29-17. That was the final score of Superbowl XLI (41) featuring the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. A battle of the midwest. The NFL's most prominent defense facing off against the Leagues most proficient offense. In the end, the Colts' run it/gun it combo prevailed. Here's how things started...

The Bears received the opening kickoff and wasted no time in scoring. Devin Hester, the Bears kick return specialist and the NFL's most feared returner executed the position of his blockers and the use of his field position magnificently. Touchdown Bears.
Following the touchdown came the short-lived Colts' possession. After 3 plays, Manning threw his first and only interception of the game. Bears ball.

It was back and forth from there, with the Colts scoring a 53 yard touchdown from Manning to Wayne (though the point after was fumbled and no good), a Bears' touchdown from Grossman to Muhammad, a Vinnetieri field goal for the Colts, and a touchdown from Indy's Rhodes. Despite the scoring runs, it was a sloppy first half, including four turnovers for the half, and six total fumbles by the end of the game.

With the exception of a field goal by the Bears, the second half was all Colts. Grossman couldn't seem to hold onto the ball, and when he did, it ended up in Colts' hands. The Colts marched down the field throughout the half, keeping the Bears from even getting their paws on the ball. Manning hit Harrison for a beautiful pass and catch as Harrison drug his feet to stay in bounds. The Colts settled for two field goals and squibbed the ball down the field, ready for another Chicago drive. The defense stepped up as rookie Kelvin Hayden picked off a pass near the sideline for the first interception of his career. He celebrated it by running it back for a touchdown. The game was over. The Bears attempted one last push down the field just to be disappointed by yet another interception, this time by Bob Sanders. The Colts held the ball for the remainder of the game for the win.
As is tradition, the winning coach, Tony Dungy, was soaked with ice and Gatorade. At the end of the game coach Dungy thanked God for the opportunity he was given and for his great achievement. The rest of the post game was filled with Indianapolis celebration and the embrace of a coach and his MVP.
Congratulations, Indianapolis Colts, 2007 Superbowl Champions!

Stay tuned.

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