Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evidence of life.

Today, Kristine and I went to our first baby appointment. Everything is as it should be, with Kristine queezy as ever and the baby healthy and as strong as it can be at this point. Much to our surprise, we were informed that we are actually two weeks later than what we originally thought, putting the due date around March 9. Also unexpected was the ultrasound requested by the doctor, allowing us to see our baby for the first time. It was very tiny, about the size of a large snowflake.

Most exciting, though, was the sight of it's tiny heart pounding, clearly revealing the evidence of life within this tiny being. How can anyone stand for abortion? It's so incredible to see life in such a small creature, even more so to know it's our child. I can't imagine anyone taking that life away. Needless to say (what an ironic phrase), we were both extremely excited about the whole thing.

We were given a couple of pictures of the ultrasound, which shows an image that looks a lot like a diamond ring. The "diamond" is the baby. To see a picture of the ultrasound, click here.

Obviously we have much to anticipate, which means much to blog about. To find out more as time and the pregnancy progresses, stay tuned.


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