Thursday, July 20, 2006

Car kaput.

Well, Kristine and I are on the verge of looking for a car. The Monte Carlo isn't (and hasn't been) holding up well at all, with power steering problems, a stripped oil plug bolt, and not to mention it's a V6 gas hog. The Kia doesn't have air, which is never good in Arkansas (where it is 100+ degrees this week), much less for a pregnant woman. That's the least of our problems, though. In an attempt to return from a quick trip to Kroger for some water and contact solution for Kristine, the Kia refused to start. I don't think it's the battery since the windows work, the clock came on, and the lights on the dash responded. I hope it's not something too costly. This most recent incident has amplified our interest in looking for another car. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. We're just relying on God to help us through. Please keep us in prayer, and to see how it all turns out stay tuned.

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