Sunday, July 02, 2006

Over the highway and through the fields.

Kristine and I just recently returned from a trip. It was a magical trip to a magical place known as Mammaw's house. What makes it magical? Obviously the fact that it's my grandmother, which means stories and spoiling. But what makes it magical to me specifically is FRIED APPLE PIES. Sure, grandmothers around the world are known for their magnificent cooking, but few are very well-known for making fried apple pies. My mammaw makes the best.

We left yesterday after Kristine got off of work. She's already started the cravings, and yesterday it consisted of chili cheese fries. What can I say, my wife has great taste! Anywho, we started on our way. Upon arrival we were greeted by Mammaw's four-legged companion, Annie. Sweet dog. As we entered the house with hands full and hugs being given, I noticed a plate wrapped in aluminum foil sitting on top of the washer. There they were. Mammaw knew we were coming, which I'm guessing is what provoked her to make the delicate desserts. Anywho, Kristine and I made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed a quiet evening.

Today we went to White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church where my mammaw gladly spread the word that Kristine and I are expecting, which in turn was followed by multiple congratulations. We saw three of my four aunts (the fourth being in Evansville with my sister this weekend) and my cousins Emily and Austin. They had just returned from camp that previous Friday. It was good to see them all, especially since we hadn't since February. They all expressed how excited they were for us. After church, we all went out to Western Sizzlin' for lunch. We shared some laughs and had a great time. I'm so glad we took the time to go.

Now we're back in Little Rock enjoying the air conditioning and taking it easy. Kristine has been getting queezy on and off throughout the week, not to mention getting more tired a lot more frequently. We both can't wait to have our first official doctor's visit, where we'll hopefully get to hear the baby's heartbeat. Thank you to all who are keeping us in your prayers, and for more on the baby's progress, stay tuned.


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