Monday, September 11, 2006


That was the final score of the Colts/Giants game. The intensity and pressure of all the hype was evident. Both teams suffered some from it. Yet, in the end, the Colts pulled off the win.

Peyton Manning was interviewed afterward and said, "I'm just glad it's over." In reference to how his brother performed he stated, "I'm proud of him....he played his butt off." That's dignity. There was no gloating, no "I'm better than you" type attitude. Nothing but encouragement and relief that the game had ended. And despite the outcome, despite the preconceived notions, Eli did play hard. Hard enough to roll with his brother. Enough to say, "Hey, I belong in this league.Well done, Eli.
Congratulations to the Colts. As far as the Giants go, maybe we will get to see a rematch in the post season. Maybe.

Stay tuned.

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