Sunday, September 10, 2006

Quarrel among brothers.

As many of you probably know, I have a brother. Timothy is three years, one month, and seventeen days younger than me. Growing up, we had our fair share of fights and arguments. Our parents would probably tell you there were more than that. Now, at 22 and 19, Timothy and I get along quite well. We stay in touch, talking almost every day via cell phones. We seize every opportunity we're given to get together and hang out. Yet, somehow there is still a rivalry between us. It is done more in playful competition now, but still, there is that tendency to want to outdo each other.

I often wonder if it is like that with most brothers. I know it is with some. Rivalry between brothers just seems natural. And somehow, it's also intriguing. Which brings me to my next subject: Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Giants. As a Hoosier convert, I'm a big fan of Indiana sports. It helps to know that the best quarterback in the NFL plays for Indy. Tonight's game is a bit different, though. Tonight, a rivalry begins. Tonight, the Colts' Manning will have a quarterback contest with the Giants' Manning. Peyton vs. Eli. What a game.

I am interested to see how tonights game will turn out, and recommend all to watch (especially if you are a Colts or Giants fan). I know it'll be fun to see who comes out on top, and as an Indy fan, I say, "Go Colts!" With all that said, may the best Manning win.

Stay tuned.

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