Monday, October 09, 2006

"Blog, you freak!"

Upon the request of my beautiful and understanding wife, I will be blogging. The title, as some of you may realize, is a direct quote from said wife. Anywho, much has happened since I last blogged. I would have blogged before now, but the lack of a computer has halted me yet again.

Friday started out as a tired day at school for me and a minor car accident for Kristine, at no fault of her own. Upon hearing about this, I immediately left school (with the very appreciated help of my friend Ben Hightower) to make sure she was okay. She and the baby were and are both okay, and the car's not bad either. We're still waiting to hear from our insurance company to know if they'll cover any potential expenses.

Saturday held very little worth blogging about, just some sitting around, a quick run to Target, and back home to sit around some more. Sunday had much more to offer. After church Sunday morning, Kristine and I went to Mammaw Liz's house to eat and help set up her Christmas Village. Actually, She, Kristine, and my aunt Debbie unloaded the village stuff while I watched the Colts narrowly pull out a win over the Tennessee Titans. Then, I jumped in to put my half hour's worth.

Today, I've received multiple phone calls, including a call into work. Kristine did her usual routine of going into work as well. As far as my phone calls, I recently received a call from a church wanting me to come in "view of a call" as a youth pastor. I go on October 29, and this coming Sunday I've been asked to preach at Faith.

Now, for some more exciting news: Kristine has the baby bulge, or as I like to call it, a baby bubble.
Also, the baby's decided to get active. Last night, upon waking up from a not so deep sleep, Kristine felt a consecutive 20 kicks from baby "rico". Speaking of "rico", we'll hopefully get to stop calling it that and start calling it by it's name. Well, that's it for now, so until next time, stay tuned.

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