Sunday, April 16, 2006

Addition and subtraction

To any and all who pay attention to my links on the sidebar of my blog, you should notice a couple of changes. First, I have removed the John Mayer Trio link due to the fact that it has never changed and there is little interesting info on that particular site. Also, due to the fact that he's one of the greatest Christian artists (and one of my favorite artists), I have added a Chris Rice link. I feel that this is a necessary and deserving change to the links section of my blog. I also suggest that anyone who reads my blog check out the Chris Rice site and learn more about his "much anticipated" greeting cards. Anyone who feels the need to strongly oppose these changes I have made is more than welcome to leave a comment on my blog, and I will be more than glad to read it and ignore its content. I thank you for taking the time to read this most unnecessary blog and hope to compose to you again soon, so stay tuned (hopefully to a more interesting entry).

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