Saturday, April 15, 2006

Offspring everywhere...

A few days more than ten months ago our neighbors brought home a baby boy-- David Shawn Standridge II. Not long after that time Josh and Erin Allen brought little Camrynne into the world. Since then, another neighbor of ours, the Hernandez family, had a baby boy, our youth pastor (Tim and Jennifer Raburn) had a baby boy, the Duncans, another neighboring family that moved in just a few days after Kristine and I, gave birth to Aiden Duncan two days ago, and the Vigils (yet more neighbors in our apt. complex) had a baby girl just today. Derrick and Debbie Waldrep are expecting in the not to distant future, as are John and Dawn Chambers. So, my point? Babies are everywhere! We can't get away from it. Kristine and I are not yet expecting, however. This is a bittersweet feeling. Though financially affording to have a small, completely dependent infant that eats, sleeps, and poops around the clock would be an added burden, having a child is something Kristine and I both desperately desire to have someday. All we can do is be patient and let God do what he does best. He knows the right time. I suppose all we can do for the time being is enjoy the presence of the little ones surrounding us now, and thank God that we can be a part of that. Well, enough baby babble. Stay tuned.

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