Friday, April 28, 2006

The Countdown To Stress.

Hello, all. It has been twelve days since my last entry, and I'll tell you why. School. With only a week and a half left, I've had to focus on finishing papers, making up work, and studying for any upcoming finals. So far, my attempt to do so has been only slightly above mediocre. This is the invitation to stress. I despise that school ends in such wonderful weather. It's the type of weather that makes you want to put aside your troubles and worries and just relax. This warm, cozy weather drives me to do the things I enjoy, like play basketball, or sit out in the sun and play my guitar, or converse with friends. It does not motivate me to sit inside and stare at a screen typing aimlessly away on little buttons on a small panel as words appear on the previously mentioned screen, much less do so for two hours in order to complete a four page paper. Why can't school end in February or March? I think it's because torcher is embedded in the whole idea of school. Sacrifice is necessary, though. And despite the fact that I lose the day that I would otherwise so thoroughly enjoy, there will be others. Kristine has been a wonderful motivator, too. She pushes me to do my best and complete the work necessary to excel in my classes. I, of all people, need that. Thank God that He put me with someone who will accept that task, however aggrivating it may be at times. Also, thank God that I will survive these next few days of school, whatever may happen, and come to the point of enjoying the beauty He so elegantly portrays through His creation. That's it for today. Obvioulsy I need to get to work. Until next time, (wait for it) ......................stay tuned.

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