Monday, April 03, 2006


Hey, all! Well, it's April 3rd and everyone knows what time of year is quickly approaching--it's "TAX TIME!" (imagine it being said with a deep baritone announcer voice that echoes and fades out.) Kristine and I just finished doing our taxes and are looking forward to ridding ourselves of this burden known as tax time. We are still waiting in anticipation for something drastic to happen in our lives, and yet don't have any idea whether anything really will happen. It really takes us relying solely on God. As far as everyone else is concerned, Mandy and Andy had to cancel their plans of going to Bolivia due to air strikes and such, Mom, Dad, and Timothy are in the middle of hosting a few guests for revival, David is back in West Virginia after visiting with family (Dan, Karlie, and Maciah), and Josh, Erin, and Camrynne Allen seem to be doing well as far as I know. Ironically, almost everyone (if not everyone) reading this already knows this information due to the fact that they are the very people that read this blog, but c'est la vie. Anywho, I hope all are doing well. At this time I must resign my post (pun intended) in order to assist in planning a trip this weekend to the Memphis Zoo, so as always, stay tuned.

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