Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's spelled P-A-R-M-E-S-A-N.

Many of you may be wondering about the title, but don't fret over it. It's just an inside joke, and, David, if you're reading this, there is no "e" after the "s". At least spellcheck doesn't think so. Maybe that's the English spelling. Anywho, good day to all. It is Saturday, and somewhat of a sadder day. Today ends Indiana month. David Matthew Story left Little Rock today to return to Morgantown, WV. It was a great four days of nothing more than two close friends spending nothing less of quality time together. The fun started Wednesday, June 21st. I remember as if it were only a few days ago....

David arrived just before 11:30 a.m., and we started laughing almost immediately. We grabbed something to eat at "the" fast food restaurant (Wendy's) and went to the apartments to waste time before picking up Kristine. We did nothing but play PS2 all afternoon. Absolutely frawesome. Kristine joined some of the fun after work, taking time to wind down and relax. Oh, and a couple of "Friends" episodes were involved, naturally.

Happy Birthday, David! I took Kristine to work and, on the way back to the apt., I picked up some chocolate milk, the preferred breakfast (or anytime, really) beverage of David. After all, it was his birthday. We then continued the celebration by going out to a few of our favorite places, which, not ironically, contained a few of our favorite things. Game Xchange, CompUSA, Best Buy, EB Games, Fazoli's (guys have to eat!), back to CompUSA. We had laughs, spent money, and lived it up. God gave us a beautiful day to celebrate the first day of the 21st year of David's birth. After arriving back at the apt., we adequately spent our time playing more video games. David was reintroduced to "Crazy Taxi", and greatfully indulged himself in the reacquaintance, spending much time with the game. Kristine again joined us in our frawesome time, and, by David's request, we ate at Corky's, Little Rock's best (as far as we've found) BBQ joint. We then continued throughout the evening playing more video games before calling it a night.

Magic Springs, here we come! David and I dropped Kristine off at work (unfortunately) and made our way to Hot Springs, AR where the amusement park Magic Springs resides. David got to experience five more roller coasters as well as some other rides while we were there. We later returned mid-afternoon and--you guessed it--played more video games (thank God for technology). We then came back to reality and played some real basketball with David Standridge, and each of us won a game a piece of 21 (how appropriate). We picked up Kristine from work (thank God for Kristine!) and made our three foot journey from our apt. to our neighbors apt. to eat supper, play games, listen to Dave dazzle us on the guitar, and just plain have fun. It, too, was a frawesome day.

The sad day of departure. We made the best of it, though. I took Kristine to work (yet again) and returned to the apt. to see if David would like to take part in some game playing. He graciously obliged. We played until it was about time for Kristine to get off of work and then naturally went to pick her up. From there we went to Fazoli's (Italian is good) for lunch and then returned home. David and I wasted no time in returning to the PS2 while Kristine got a bit more comfortable and headed out to Wal-Mart with a couple of our neighbors. I then, sadly, had to chauffer Dave to the airport for him to make his flight back to Morgantown. We said goodbye, hoping (at least on my part) that the next encounter will not be so far off. It was a bit solemn, but life goes on. God is using David in great ways, and I'm sure has greater things for him yet. As far as for me, Kristine and I are both waiting for whatever it is God has in store for us, allowing Him to use us where we are now and wanting to be used by Him even more.

That's everything. Well, not everything, just the highlights. It was more fun than most can bear in a week, but David and I did it all in a mere four days. Now that's what I call frawesome. As always, stay tuned.


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