Monday, June 19, 2006

Leaving For Arrival.

WARNING: The following blog contains events over a course of ten days, and is therefore longer than most posts. Viewer discretion is not necessary, I just wanted any readers to know the literary journey ahead is a longer one than usual.

Of course the title doesn't make sense, it's an oxi-moron. Therefore, calm down and let me explain. Kristine and I have spent the past ten days in the great state of Indiana, otherwise known as the "Hoosier State". This explains the gap in blogging. We arrived first in Evansville, IN at Amanda and Andy's (my sister and brother-in-law) on Friday morning around midnight. After getting some much needed rest after the 7 or 8 hour trip, we regrouped Friday morning to reminisce about the "good ole days" and discuss lunch. We chose to dine at a fun little Italian restaurant called Angelo's, which turned out to be pretty good and did not involve the mob as far as we know. from there, Kristine and I went a bit further north to visit her parents.

We arrived at Mike and Shawn Gregg's house around 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Shawn's sister and brother-in-law were there visiting along with their son, Darren, while preparations were being made for David Gregg's graduation party, which was to be held on Saturday. The party was definitely fun, as was the whole visit. Darren, Kristine, and I (along with some others, every now and then) did some high-quality fishing down at a lake not far from the house, catching approx. 25 fish. I used to hate fishing, but I must admit, it was a blast! Tuesday morning we left the Gregg household and headed for Noblesville, IN where Josh and Erin Allen were anxiously awaiting.

We got to Josh and Erin's house around lunchtime, for which we stopped at the greatest hot-sub joint EVER, Penn Station. Kristine and I shared a chicken terriyaki sandwich and some fresh-cut french fries while being entertained by Erin and baby Camrynne (who will be one year old on the 28th). It was very refreshing to spend the time with them and Josh, especially since our time with them is usually so much shorter. I know both Erin and Kristine wasted no time in catching up, and soaked up every moment they could spending time with each other. The "Allen/Woodring quality bonding time" was a huge dose of fun. If you're reading this, thanks a million, Josh, Erin and Camrynne. Oh, and we all found out that devil eggs make for good splats when they hit a hard surface, especially when purposefully thrown straight at the floor.

From the Allen residence, we continued our Indiana journey to my family's house in Anderson, where we encountered my brother Tim, and Dad. We attended the final night of VBS that evening, and were greeted cheerfully by many that were there. We were also greeted with great food. What made the food great, you ask? The fact that most of it was sweets, mainly ice cream, the most incredible cold food known to man and some dogs. It was awesome. The next day started with my Dad and me going out and grabbing the morning grub-- Donuts. Ah, Donuts. The man or woman who came up with the concept of donuts better have some sort of medal. If this genius doesn't have a medal for this miraculous creation, he or she certainly deserves one. A donut shaped one. With chocolate icing. Anywho, we ate donuts. Kristine and I proceeded that day to go to her cousin Samantha's, wedding. It was a nice wedding, and the only one I've been to where the guys in the wedding party wore cowboy hats. My only complaint was the ushers were wearing pink. Anywho, the wedding was wonderful, and congrats to the happy newlyweds.

Sunday, as many of you know, was Father's Day. It was also Dad's birthday. Due to these special occasions, Amanda and Andy Justison came up to visit, gracing us yet again with their presence. We obviously attended church at Landmark. Spending Sunday at Landmark was somewhat nostalgic, and I loved it. After morning services, we came back to the house for lunch, which consisted of hash brown casserole, green beans, fried okra, and steak. It was beyond delicious. Following lunch, Dad opened his Father's Day/birthday cards and gifts. Mandy and Andy gave him an ocean sounds cd and a church history magazine, and Kristine and I gave him a dart board (hope he'll enjoy it). We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with Mandy, Andy, and Timothy while Mom and Dad went to a viewing at a funeral home. We took the given time to swim in the cold water and cold wind, just begging for hypothermia. We survived, though, and Kristine gave Timothy a haircut to match mine. That evening, we again went to Landmark for church and, afterwards, spent some high quality family time at the house. Mandy and Andy then headed back to Evansville. This morning Dad left for Daytona, Florida for the national ABA meeting, Mom went to work, and Kristine and I will soon be heading back to the small town of Little Rock, AR.

It was a great week and a half in IN. I miss it more than I allow anyone to know. But don't start sympathizing yet, because the title has yet to be explained. Upon leaving Indiana for Arkansas, we will be expecting the arrival of none other than David M. Story himself, in the flesh, Old Navy wardrobe and all. Thus, we are leaving Indiana to arrive in Arkansas a mere two days before the Story arrives. Indiana month isn't over. Not yet. So stay tuned.


amanda said...

we ate corn too :) it was great to see you all and just all be together...and I'm glad it lasted longer than Christmas. much love bubby

David Story said...

Funny, funny stuff. And now I'm talking to you on the phone.

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