Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where to start. . .

Much has happened in my life since you've last read. Kristine has remained in morning sickness misery, I attended National Camp 2 at Bogg Springs, and now I am trying hard not to stress too much over trying to find a job while also preparing for school to start. A lot was and is happening to say the least. Therefore, let me fill you in.

As I said, Kristine is still not to her cheery ole self quite yet, but hopefully that will soon change. She was prescribed some medicine that, for what it cost, was well worth getting. It was a blessing for her to have, especially since I was at teen camp for the week. This miracle drug worked almost instantly, relieving her of her nauseating pain for a while. However, she only has about three tablets left, and she really wants to wean herself off of it so she can go on living without having to worry about taking a pill every day just to feel better. I try my best to be there for her and do what I can, but sometimes it doesn't seem to be enough. I hate seeing her so miserable, and I can't wait for this part of the pregnancy to end. I'm anxious to see her GAIN weight instead of lose it. She'll be adorable with a bubble-belly! Please pray for her.

As far as camp, the biggest letdown was the absence of my closest companion. Aside from that, camp was an absolute blast, as well as a big success. More than thirteen people were saved, which means thirteen more people get to know what Jesus is all about and will someday meet Him. That is better than frawesome! The theme for the week was embrace, and the idea was for people to embrace Christ, let Him embrace you, and find out what satisfaction really is. We are to embrace Him as the way, the truth, and the life. There is no other way. There is no other truth(s). There is no other life. Jesus is it. I think the message was clear. I definitely needed the time away from the reality of the world to focus more on the reality of Him. Needless to say, I had a blast. According to the students I had for the week, so did they. Pray that the week lives on, and pray for our new found siblings in Christ.

Now, about a job. I HAVE to get a job, and one that pays better than what I've got right now. I've been offered a position to help out with maintenance around the seminary and apartments, but I don't know yet what all it inquires. Nor do I know for how long it will last or how many hours a week I'll be getting. I also have job security at the school where I previously worked, but the hours aren't enough, and quite frankly, neither is the pay (at least not for someone with a wife and expecting a kid). The search is on, but I hate job hunting. I would really love to do what God has given me a desire to do. Anyone who reads this that is looking for or knows someone who is looking for a youth pastor in Arkansas within 20 miles of Little Rock for at least the next two years, please leave a comment, or email me at jwwoodring@hotmail.com, or call me. I would absolutely love to get my feet a bit wetter. I yearn to do this. The longer I go, the more I yearn. God has given me this desire, this call. If you can do nothing else, though, pray for me in my search for a job.

School is about three weeks away. I'm trying not to stress about it, but summer has gone so quickly this year that I kinda dread going back. I'm sure I'll enjoy it, though I've been told many times by many people that the third year is the year of hand cramps, dead trees, and a lot of staring at computer screens while letters and words appear. However, education is important to me, whether I act like it or not. I am ready to move on, though. At least to get deeper into my ministry, even if I don't leave Arkansas. So, as I've finished each topic, pray for me as I enter school this year.

I guess I could have better titled this "Prayer Requests" or something. I do strongly believe in prayer. Talking to God is important to me. Without conversation with Him, what kind of relationship would we have with Him? Anywho, also keep Kristine's family and my family in prayer. They love us and support us, and I want to be able to show that same support, even if it is in simply praying for them. Oh, and when I say family, I do mean David Story and Josh and Erin Allen too. Well, I guess that's it. I figured this would be a long one. Thanks for your patience. And as always, stay tuned.

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