Thursday, August 31, 2006

The blessing of in-laws.

People are always hearing or telling about the annoying or frustrating things they have to put up with concerning their in-laws. "My wife's parents do this", or "my brother-in-law did that" always seem to end in how one wishes his or her in-laws would change, or be different. It's become a stereotype. In-law jokes are always a popular thing when looking for a good laugh. Why is that? Shouldn't someone cherish the in-laws he has? After all, you are the one who chose them by marrying their child. All that to introduce this: I love my in-laws, and it's quite obvious that they return the love.

This past weekend (and Monday), my in-laws came to visit us. More specifically, Kristine. After hearing about her ER visit, her family decided it was time for a much needed visit, simply to encourage and support us through this bittersweet time of our pregnancy. Kristine has been sick of late, and Friday, August 25, I rushed her to the emergency room by order of her OB-GYN's nurse. While there, they hooked her to an IV to get some fluid in her because she was dehydrated. After spending a little more than four hours there, they released her, but not before informing us that she had a UTI-- urinary tract infection. She was given a work release until Tuesday, August 29. Enter in-laws.

Saturday morning, without any warning whatsoever, Kristine's mom called saying they were on their way. She and Kristine's dad and brother were making an impromptu trip to see us. I started cleaning as much as I could without raising any questions. They called once they arrived, and I redirected them to a neighbor's apt. where we were hanging out. They walked through the doorway and, out of shock and surprise, Kristine was speechless. She was ecstatic to see them.

They stayed the entire weekend, helping around the house with chores and such. Dishes were done, laundry was getting caught up, rooms were getting rearranged. Her parents were generous enough to purchase a baby furniture set for Kristine's birthday, which contained a changing table, a bed, and a dresser. It didn't end there. Her mom, brother, and I started moving things in the guest room to make it the baby room. As we were doing so, her dad put the furniture together. The room looks amazing, as does the furniture. What a blessing!

Every person has his or her pet peeves, as well as his or her own annoying habits. But we get past it. Why does it stick when it's our in-laws? Who knows? But one thing's for sure about my in-laws. They're one of God's blessings to me. Thanks Mike, Shawn, and David. I love you all.

Stay tuned.

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