Friday, August 11, 2006

Dear Mr. Dave Gregg,

To better understand this entry, check the comments in "Baby Got Back".

I am sorry for neglecting to make a link to your website. I will immediately correct the situation. Anyone who cares to visit my website ( will be able to find a link to your website in the "links" section. As far as for Kristine, she seems to be showing improvement. She's kept food down much better recently and has also been eating more lately than she's been able to eat in about two weeks. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please continue to do so, and stay updated with news on the baby and us by staying tuned.

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Cooper said...

Well done.

That's great news that Kristine is doing much better in the last few days. We are all praying for Kristine and the baby (if I may speak for the gang in building 1). Oh yeah, let's pray for her brother and his website too.