Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Baby It's Cold Outside."

This past weekend was a cold one in the "Small Pebble". As a result, Kristine's back has been bothering her. It's supposed to rain more sometime this week. Hopefully it'll warm up enough for Kristine to stop hurting so much.

Niah is doing well, rolling around in her little hot tub quite frequently. The next doctor's appointment is tomorrow, but it's pretty much just a routine visit. Apart from that there's nothing really new.

For the sake of filling space, I'll share this with you. I now have an account on MySpace if anyone cares to check it out. I don't post much on it, and quite frankly I don't really like it as well as other blog servers. However, I've found it a convenient way to keep up with friends that I otherwise wouldn't be able to. Also as some filler, here's one of my favorite pictures of my lovely wife.

Cute, isn't she. Well, that'll do for now. Stay tuned.

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