Sunday, February 12, 2006

A cold kinda day.

Well, today is the kind of day where you just want to sit (or lay) around sipping hot cocoa and watching TV. . . . or catching up on it, as Timothy put it. It's cold, somewhat miserable-looking outside, and Kristine topped it off with having a cold of her own. Yup, as miserable as it may look outside, Kristine feels just as miserable, coughing and having a sore throat since early this morning. We did manage to make it to Sunday School this morning, but this evening didn't work out so well. We've taken the time to rest, especially since Kristine has to work in the morning. She gets off at 11:45, though, so she'll hopefully take the afternoon to recuperate. Aside from the weather and Kristine being under the weather, though, everything seems to be good with this Woodring family. Oh, and kudos to Tim for the 33% from the arc and the frawesome moves on the court. Well, I guess that's all for now. Keep us in your prayers. I gotta hankerin' for something sweet. . . . stay tuned.

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andy said...

miss ya bubs!