Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow is cold.

Hey, few people who actually read this! I'm only blogging today because 1) I have nothing more to do on a cold snowy day, and 2) I'm trying to discipline myself in keeping up with my blog. If you're squinting and rubbing your eyes to make sure you read right, you did....It's snowing in Arkansas! And it is unbearably cold. I hate the cold. I've prayed on many occasions that God change the snow to warm, but that's yet to happen. Yesterday was good, but nothing too wonderful worth blogging about that I can think of. Today, though, Kristine was off work, so we took the day together to simply hang of my favorite things to do. It's so good just to be able to have fun and relax with her. We have so many laughs and so much fun on days like these. Right now, we're just chillin' out with a neighbor of ours, and watching our next-door-neighbor's baby-- the sequel(David S. Standridge II). Anywho, besides stalling to do dishes and enjoying the day off, there isn't much else going on. With that being said, I guess I can end with thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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