Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's all Greek to me.

I recently just recovered from Greek class. I'm in my second semester of Greek, and have learned, more than anything, that I don't know Greek. I know the alphabet, the sounds of each of the letters and diphthongs, and certain vocab words. I am even starting to learn (slowly, but surely) the declensions and tenses of Greek. To be quite honest, though, Greek to me has only one tense. . . the "in" tense. It causes me to be tense. Really, that's all Greek consists of besides utter confusion. Those are the ingredients to Greek: Cool, completely different alphabet; tension which ironically involves tenses; and confusion. As long as you have the Greek alphabet down, just get really tense and confused and there you have it! You now know Greek (at least as well as I do). Well, enough venting for now. I'll write again soon, so stay tuned.

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