Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well, I'm glad I won't have to be learning anything about gestational diabetes. At Kristine's rather lengthy appointment yesterday she was informed she did not have gestational diabetes. The little I know about it is now more than I need to know. Hana Niah is doing fine, and Kristine is doing better than ever. We've gotten in the habit of talking to her, mostly at night, and it's been quite an experience. I know it may seem mundaine to most people, but being able to feel (and sometimes see) her react when she hears her mom or dad is exciting to me. It makes me long all the more for her to be here.

Also exciting to me is the fact that in exactly one week Kristine and I will be making the trip up to Indiana. Some of our plans include spending Thanksgiving with family, shopping, a Pacers/Cavs basketball game, a baby shower, some basketball playing time, and people gloating over Kristine when they see her, possibly making her slightly uncomfortable by approaching her and touching her belly. I am definitely looking forward to it. I'm avoiding the fact that we will have to be leaving the following Monday. I'm too excited about going and seeing people to let it bring me down. That will have to wait until our return trip.

As far as news from New Testament, I have talked to the pastor. He informed me that the church has not yet made any definite decision apart from wanting to hear a couple or so more guys for the position. I guess that means I'm still in consideration, but there's the possibility they'll choose someone else. As a result, Kristine and I are kind of moving on. We haven't given up on it, but we realize that it's in God's hands and we're just praying for His will for us. It's as much His choice who ends up at that church as it is theirs. I guess what I'm saying is I want what's best for them and me. If I'm not what's best for them, then I know God will work that out.

Just keep praying for the three of us and stay tuned.

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