Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Home sick and sick of home.

The other day Kristine and I were invited to go out to eat with a church family. We declined, seeing that we would be the only couple that didn't share a last name, current or former. On the way home from church, I noticed a very quiet, solemn Kristine. When I asked what was wrong, she broke down (it doesn't help that she's pregnant) and simply said she was homesick. We then talked about what it was that we both missed, and what we were looking forward to when we return to Hoosierland for Thanksgiving. I then started thinking about all the things I disliked about being in Little Rock. Our apartment seems to small for three. The "big city" doesn't seem to have much to do. Close friends and family aren't around to share wonderful experiences, say, while Kristine's pregnant. People that we've known for years that are special to us aren't around to see her stomach expanding, or feel when Niah rolls or kicks. I think not being able to share this experience is what makes us the most homesick.

I'm not really complaining about Arkansas, or at least I don't mean to. I just miss the place where I grew up as a teenager. The place where I went to high school and started college, where I got my first job. I also miss what my brother talked about in his latest blog, laughing and joking with him and my sister. Arkansas isn't evil, though. I do enjoy the changing leaves and the natural beauty. I enjoy seeing mountainous hills covered in trees and the curves of the land. Plus you can enjoy it all without three massive cornfields obscuring the view. I guess I just wish we could take those dearest to us wherever we go and enjoy it all with them. We both need the time in Indiana, though, and can't wait to get there. To those who'll be expecting us, see you soon. It'll be refreshing to be in your presence. Until then, stay tuned.

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amanda said...

it's not the place that you miss, it's the people. and it's the loneliness that you hate. I feel it too...love to the both of you, and many prayers. I think you have to adopt family and love each other lots... :)