Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two Days 'Til Twenty-two.

The countdown is past starting. It is now only two days away from my 22nd birthday. I'm not sure, but I'm inclined to believe that my best friend, David Story, is required to buy/do something extravagant for this particular birthday due to 22 being his favorite number. This is nothing more than a rumor (started by me, of course) as of now, so feel free to ask him if you get the chance. Anywho, if I have the chance to continue the countdown to my birthday (two whole days), I will blog again to do so. This is in order to give anyone who wants to the chance to leave comments of birthday greetings, or "happy birthday" if you will. With that said, happy reading and stay tuned.

PS Anyone wondering for the past few months about the picture of me in the righthand corner of this page, I was inhaling a devil egg.

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